Privacy Policy

We are not interested in collecting your private, personal or financial information, and we NEVER sneakily collect photos; contacts; email addresses or your GPS location.

We don’t collect this information, we don’t want it, please don’t send it to us!

Any information we do have is never sold or shared with anyone else, unless required to do so by UK law.

There are five types of information worth mentioning:

Name and Email Address

We don’t do anything sneaky to collect this information, but if you contact us by email you may be added to our mailing list (which you can easily unsubscribe from).

Personal, Private & Financial

We do not collect this type of information!

If you choose to send some to us (e.g. when you ask us for help), we will only use it for that explicit purpose.


We do collect some anonymous statistical app usage information, for the sole purpose of supporting our website & apps and planning future updates. This information includes: device type; os version; language; country and usage frequency of certain features.

We NEVER collect your Unique Device ID (UDID) or GPS location, and you can always turn this off.

In-app analytics is provided by Flurry and website analytics is provided by Google.


We use various advertising networks to deliver in-app advertising and have no control of the information they collect. However, we do not share your information with them and they do not share information with us.


Due to the nature of the internet your IP address is also sent to us whenever you communicate with us. This is logged as a matter of course, but only for audit purposes.

We only collect the above mentioned information so we can fix problems with the website/app, and plan &prioritise updates based on usage and location of our customers. We never sell any of this information to others.

We only send direct marketing to you if you have made direct contact with us. For instance:

  • Contacted us by email.
  • Joined our mailing list.
  • Liked us on social media.

You can easily stop direct marketing by unsubscribing from our mailing list and by not following us on social media.

We may use any of the above information to deal with a direct request you have made to us; in order to abide by UK law; or as a result of a UK court order.