CashWise is an easy to use cash-book style app, designed to help you look after your money with minimal fuss READ MOREAvailable on the AppStore

CashWise v3.5

Say hello to dark mode, for all you night owls out there. New and updated in version 3.5 Full support for dark mode. Fixed an issue with the Money transfer screen. Built for iOS 16 Now supports iOS 13+

CashWise v3.4

CashWise v3.4 focuses on iPad, adding support for split view and slide over. New in version 3.4 Improved iPad experience. Enabled iPad multitasking and added support for split view and slide over. Updated import instructions. Updated legal notices and privacy policy. Fix bug with reordering the account list. Improved PDF viewer.

CashWise v3.3

CashWise v3.3 is a maintenance release, with improved support for the latest iOS devices. New in version 3.3 Updated to support the latest iOS devices and iOS 15. Fixed out of date URLs. Added tracking request for better clarity & ad support. Improved adverts for free users. Fixed several minor UI layout issues.

CashWise v3.2.1

CashWise v3.2.1 is a maintenance release, fixing a few issues and improving the import instructions. New in version 3.2.1 Updated import instructions. Fixed an issue with the export file count. Fixed a few layout issues for smaller devices. Added a link to Blocks Away.