Blocks Away

Drop blocks, clear lines, amass points and earn rewards — that’s Blocks Away in a nutshell, all while you relax with a G&T — READ MOREAvailable on the AppStore

Blocks Away v1.2

This update to Blocks Away is all about privacy. As a free app that displays adverts to cover its costs, there will always be a conflict of interest between total privacy and serving you the most relevant adverts. Now you have a direct say in how the ad networks use what they know about you. …

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Blocks Away v1.1

BlocksAway v1.1 is all about the goodies. Alongside the usual bug fixes comes:

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Say hello to Blocks Away

A couple of months ago I decided to explore Swift, Spritekit and Affinity Designer, so I set myself a challenge to build a relaxing puzzle game — and here it is, the latest block busting puzzle to join the family. Say hello to Blocks Away