Blocks Away v1.2

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This update to Blocks Away is all about privacy. As a free app that displays adverts to cover its costs, there will always be a conflict of interest between total privacy and serving you the most relevant adverts. Now you have a direct say in how the ad networks use what they know about you.

To be clear about our view on privacy — we are not interested in collecting your personal information nor in profiling you, we try to keep collection to a bare minimum — our privacy policy explains all. Apple also provides very good information on the privacy controls available to you — read it here.

Privacy Controls

Privacy Review

We have thought long and hard about privacy — and as a result removed several ad networks from Blocks Away, added Privacy Labels and provided tracking controls on first launch, so we can pass your preferences on to our ad provider.

Better Value

Also, as no one likes in-app purchases, we’ve removed them. Now you can earn rewards as you go, and if you run out of something (like rotates, reshuffles or undos) you can watch an ad to get more.

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