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Tap Tap Send

Tap Tap Send

Tap Tap Send is a template-based messaging app that takes the pain out of sending messages when you are in a rush.


Write messages now and save them as templates for sending later.


Designed for one-handed, thumb-tapping use, whilst on-the-go.


Then just TAP to select a person, TAP to select a message, hit SEND, and you’re done.



CashWise is an easy to use cash-book style app, designed to help you look after your money with minimal fuss.


Simply record what you spend when you spend it, and CashWise will keep track of how much money you have left.


Keep track of the cash in your pocket, your savings or your debt, in any currency.


Get super-organised with repeating transactions, categories, summary totals and pie charts.

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Blocks Away

Drop blocks, clear lines, amass points and earn rewards — that’s Blocks Away in a nutshell, all while you relax with a G&T.


Make some “you-time”, recharge your batteries and clear your mind with this super simple block puzzler.


All the blocks you know and love, plus a few new ones for good measure.


Find the best fitting blocks for the available space, clear the most lines and earn rewards as you go.

Blocks Away Screenshot - Drop Blocks
Blocks Away Screenshot - Complete Lines
Blocks Away Screenshot - Amass Points