Go Pro

Get CashWise for free, use it until your heart's content, and if you like it; want more features; or hate the adverts, you can Go Pro via an In-App purchase.

Free Vs Pro

CashWise Free Pro
Manage Cash / Savings / Debt YES YES
Multi-Currency YES YES
Adjust Account Balances YES YES
Multiple Accounts NO YES
Transfer Money Between Accounts NO YES
Account Types
Cash Account with Overdraft Limit & Warning YES YES
Savings Account with Savings Target YES YES
Debt Account with Credit Limit & Warning YES YES
Record Credits & Debits YES YES
Recurring Transactions NO YES
Assign Transactions to Categories YES YES
View & Print Category Totals and Pie Charts YES YES
Twenty-six Pre-defined Categories YES YES
Customise and Reorder Categories NO YES
Data Entry
Record Basic Info: Notes, Payee & Date YES YES
Record Extra Info: Category, Ref# & Complete YES YES
Hide Unwanted Fields NO YES
Reorder Fields NO YES
Search YES YES
Account Summary YES YES
Summary Totals by Category with Pie Charts YES YES
Monthly Account Breakdown YES YES
Annual Account Breakdown NO YES
Grand Totals (with multi-currency support) NO YES
Monthly Statement YES YES
Annual Statement NO YES
Summary Totals by Category with Pie Charts YES YES
Send as PDF via Email YES YES
Print via AirPrint NO YES
Paper Sizes: A4 & US Letter YES YES
Export & Import
Export Everything YES YES
Export Monthly Data NO YES
Export Annual Data NO YES
Import from CSV file NO YES
Encrypted Database YES YES
Passcode Lock YES YES
Advertisement free NO YES
Free from Upgrade Messages NO YES

Try Before You Buy

Try all the Pro features for free by turning on Demonstration Mode, which also lets you show off CashWise to your friends without revealing your finances.

With demonstration mode turned on your real accounts are hidden and a new set of 'dummy' accounts are opened for you to play with.

To turn on Demonstration Mode tap the settings button at the bottom of the screen (the cog) and choose "Demonstration Mode" from the menu.

How Do I Go Pro?

You can Go Pro without leaving CashWise by simply tapping the settings button at the bottom of the screen (the cog) and choosing "Go Pro" from the menu. Then tap "Upgrade Now" and follow the prompts.

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